Monday, July 27, 2009

Older sculpts.


Again...Not a new one but one i thought id post some older stuff just just for the fun of it.

Miss America : )
(sorry...Just had to do it)

Centaur, The blind Archer.

This Iron-Spider has not been painted. This is just a pic of the sculpture that has had color added to it by a great friend Wes Venable.

Sith Twi Lek, Darth Talon

Photoshoped Lightsaber added for sh*ts and giggles.

Batman 1/2 scale bust

Venom 1/3rd scale bust

Sinful Suzi 1/4 scale

Batgirl 1/5th scale "Babs"

Elvira Conversion. Original sculpted by John Dennet for Screamin Models. I just had to have some fun with it. Yes....Im a boob man.

Spider-Man bust 1/3rd scale

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